Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spend Less and Look and Live Better

Reducing monthly expenses are a surefire way to get a little more cash in the piggie bank. From food to water to electricity and skin care products there are countless things you can do to save money.

Do you really have to burn up your 'whole paycheck on skin care products and cosmetics?

Buying skin care can be a costly venture! Anyone who’s strolled through the aisles of a deptartment store or a boutique knows this.

It’s unfortunate that steep prices turn away many would-be healthy skin care users, who quickly come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to buy sustainable products on a budget.

I know this because I use to be one of those people. Until I discovered L'Bri Pure n' Natural Aloe Vera Skin Care. I knew the healing benefits of aloe vera as many other people knew, to treat sun burn, serious burns, cuts, wounds, infections.

But I never thought of the benefits of Aloe Vera in skin care. After more research I discovered some of the common uses of Aloe Vera in skin care include:

• Treating minor burns, rashers, abrasions and other wounds;
• Moisturising and rehydrating dry, cracked and damaged skin;
• Improving the texture and complexion of skin;
• Smoothing of wrinkles and stretch marks;
• Treating acne and other minor skin disorders; and
• As a hair wash to reduce dandruff and other scalp problems

Although this growing awareness of Aloe Vera’s healing properties has greatly increased the number of Aloe Vera products available, not all of these new products are as good as they seem.

Some contain such small amounts of Aloe Vera Gel that it has little or no value. Others use clever marketing tricks such as using the word Aloe as part of their brand name, despite having no Aloe Vera in the product.

How do you tell a good Aloe Vera product?

• Read the product label and ingredients section.
• All products must now list ingredients using Latin name. The Latin for Aloe Vera is Aloe Barbadensis.
• If Aloe barbadensis leaf gel, extract or juice is the first or second product on the ingredients list that means that there is a higher percentage of Aloe Vera in the product.
• Avoid products where Aloe Vera is not mentioned until much later in the ingredients list. This means the product has little Aloe Vera in it.

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