Friday, August 21, 2009

What Are L'Bri's Active Ingredients (Agents)

Active Agents

Aloe vera: protects the skin, moisturizing and moisture-retentive capacities, skin firming, supports cutaneous circulation and healing, has slight protective properties against UV rays

Sea-weed: (algae): moisturizing, skin-smoothening, increasing suppleness of the epidermis, supports cutaneous circulation.

Allantoin: stimulates cell generation, makes the skin smooth and supple, acts anti-inflammatory and soothing, keratolytic, supports wound healing.

Panthenol: anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, stimulating cell generation, increasing the moisture retention capacity, reducing reddening, lending the skin a velvet-like, soft feeling.

Ginseng: revitalizing and improving the skin tonus, stimulating skin functions, supporting cutaneous circulation, preventing early skin ageing.

Hyaluronic acid: regulates the moisture balance, lends the skin elasticity and tonus, supports the natural protective skin functions.

Jojoba oil: protects the skin from drying, has a matt effect on the skin.

Chamomile: anti-inflammatory, supports wound-healing. soothing, anti-bacterial effects.
Evening primrose oil: rich In essential fatty acids (E.P.A.). increases the skin's elasticity, prevents wrinkling of skin.

Horse-tall (Equisetum): skin firming, strengthens the connective tissue, and retains the skin's elasticity, supports the skin's protective functions.

Silk proteins: protect the skin from desiccation and lend a pleasant, smooth skin feeling.
Soybean proteins: counter-effect skin desiccation, improve skin structure

Vitamin A: optimizes function of skin cells, counter-effects excess hornification, smoothens and softens the skin, stimulates cell regeneration.

Provitamin A (Beta Carotene): protects the skin against free radicals.

Vitamin E: stimulates cell regeneration, increases moisture retention capacity of the skin, protects It against free radicals, prevents early skin ageing, improves the skin relief, anti-inflammatory, supports cutaneous circulation.

Vitamin C: supports cell metabolism, soothing, normalizing, balancing effects, prevents early skin ageing, strengthens capillary blood vessels.

Wheat germ extracts: vitalizing effect, prevent formation of free radicals, strengthen the skin's immunologic system.

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