Sunday, September 13, 2009

Customers Love FabuLash!

Our new L’Bri FabuLash has already become a customer favorite!

I have always wanted longer, thicker eyelashes. I was afraid to try other products with the side affect warnings. After listening to and meeting the chemists behind FabuLash I felt so comfortable and excited to finally have a product I could trust. Within a week there were results. I love looking in the mirror and seeing the results. They are getting thicker and longer.

Ilene Meckley


FabuLash is Fabulous!

Okay, I am the first to admit, I don't follow instructions. However, over the past few days I have used the FabuLash and it is already working. I would say that I have only applied it once a day, and have even missed a couple of days. However, I can already tell my lashes are growing longer and fuller. Though, I should have considered a more professional photographer (obviously I took these myself in poor light), here is some photo proof. These pictures were taken 10 days apart, with no mascara. Don't you love it when a product actually does what it says it will do?

Tammy Graham


I have always looked at other people and asked why can’t I have lashes like theirs? I have tried all kinds of different mascara in an attempt to make my lashes (at least) look longer and fuller. So when Linda asked me to try the new FabuLash I was skeptical. I went home that evening and started the “growing process” and all I can say is WOW!! I would say I started to see noticeable results in about 4 short weeks. Now when I look in the mirror with or without mascara on, I can see longer fuller lashes. My husband even noticed, and anyone who is married knows that for him to notice it has to be quite a difference!

Sue Durrwachter


When I received my tube of FABULASH and couldn't wait to start experimenting with my right eye. I began using it pretty much the way I was supposed to (I missed a few times) and LOW AND BEHOLD I have grown longer lashes! One of the first things I noticed was that my right eye lashes were hitting my glasses---just lightly. I noticed the lower lashes have grown faster (IT SEEMS ) than the upper ones but it may be you just can't see the upper as well at first. I asked my husband Neal if he could see a difference and he said yes unless I was putting more make-up to make them longer and thicker-----men!!!

I'm very blonde for those who don't know me to actually have longer fuller lashes is just a treat for me. I have to say they don't seem to have turned any darker but who cares. I think its been under 3 weeks so far but I saw a difference in 3 days. Happy FabuLash!!!

Shirley Welch



I started using FabuLash and noticed a difference in my eyelashes within several days! I could see eyelashes coming in where they were very sparse before and I definitely noticed a difference in the length. I have now used FabuLash for almost a month and am noticing how thick they are getting!! I have to comb them before I put my mascara on to keep them all in line! One more thing.....they are getting darker. I used to have reddish brown eyelashes and have not gone in public without mascara in 40 years.....I might just do it with my longer, darker lashes. ,"" l "",

Thanks for a great product. I didn't know that there was anything that could be done without side effects, but FabuLash is it!

Liz Kultgen


I've only been using the FabuLash for a few weeks and boy can I tell the difference already! My bottom lashes are longer and the top are too! Thanks for making such a great product, which does not have any side effects like the one you see on TV!

Debbie Herolt

Order Today and you too can enjoying lush, long lashes the L’Bri Pure n' Natural way!

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