Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How Did She Get Beautiful Eyelashes?

Maybe it’s natural - Maybe it’s medicine - Maybe it's L'Bri FabuLash Eyelash Growth Serum.

What women really care about in terms of eyelashes, is that the longer and the thicker they are the more beautiful, feminine and sexually desirable they make their owner. Long eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity all over the world.

“Perhaps you have been hearing about various products which grow eyelashes and you have seen the commercial on TV with Brooke Shields featuring a product called Latisse,” Linda said “Latisse contains an ingredient that is considered a drug, and if you've heard the commercial, there are many possible side effects which can occur when using this product, and it's pricey at $120 a tube.”

NOW the exciting news is that FabuLash is the only safe eyelash growth serum that has succeeded in using aloe as the first ingredient and that does not contain prostaglandin, a drug used in the treatment of glaucoma, which can cause darkening on the eye lid and actual change of eye color as well as other potential side effects.

L’Bri’s FabuLash contains proprietary peptides that combined with other essential ingredients produces amazing eyelash and brow enhancement. FabuLash also contains a special nutrient blend to help condition brittle lashes and eyebrows.

We are proud that we are able to bring FabuLash to the marketplace for only $64. That's almost half the price of many of our competitors!”


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