Thursday, December 17, 2009

Building Links For Your Business

Link building has long been both a feared and a glorified activity for webmasters. Almost everyone knows that links are important, but few webmasters know how to go about getting them inexpensively and without effort.

I know of one way that will almost guarantee that you get inbound links to your website, but only if you do it right. And it’s not hard to do it right.

Starting a blog and writing to it every day has more potential to help you build inbound links than anything else you do online. Many webmasters concentrate on creating link bait, but link bait takes time, money, and resources to create.

A blog takes commitment and persistence. As for time, you can write a decent blog post in 30 minutes. It takes a little money to start one - not a lot. And all you need is the software, which is free.

The importance of a blog lies in writing to it every day. Write just every once in awhile and you diminish your chances for getting inbound links. The more you write to it the more likely you are to be linked to by someone else. The key is to make your blog unique.

Write about interesting topics and that in itself will get other bloggers to link to you. Put your blog on your website and your URL will be the recipient of inbound links. Over time, that will be a huge benefit.

It’s the easiest, least expensive way I know to really build good inbound links.

My niece is test driving a new blogging service she has been using it for a little over 30 days and her business has had a surge in NEW customers. Of course I will be joining her in this new blogging service after the first of the year!

She says: It's simply the easy solution to building your business I have found

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