Saturday, August 15, 2009

L'Bri Gentle Mascara

Special non-irritating formula. L'Bri Mascara is safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

L'Bri Eye Shadows

L'Bri Eyes Shadow collection features the smoothest, richest texture ever.
These moisturizing, velvety shadows range in shades from subtle, muted neutrals, to rich, deep tones.

· Shadows are hypo-allergenic and free of mineral oil.
· Shadow case contains four eye-shadows that allow you to mix and match to create customized
palettes for your clients.
· Shadows glide on easily and will not collect in creases.
· Color lasts all day.
· Shadows can be applied dry for a subtle effect or wet for more intense color.

Available in 17 Shades:
Indigo Blue
Cream Glow
Milk Shake
Phantom Grey
Smoked Khaki
Golden Smoke
Bashful Blue
Shy Violet

L'Bri Eye Shadows are also available as part of the Go and Glow Collection for $56.50.

LBri's new Go and Glow Beauty Collection. Choose from three prepackaged collections which feature shades that are perfectly coordinated to compliment neutral, warm or cool skin tones or you can customize your own collection.

L'Bri Go and Glow Beauty Collection contains 2 shades of eye shadow, blush, dual action wet/dry powder foundation, lip gloss, application sponge and brushes.

Choose from the following sets or customize your colors for the best fit!

L'Bri Go and Glow kit is refillable, biodegradable and features products that are easy to use for effortless application every time.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

L'Bri Finish Blush

Designed to highlight your natural contours and enhance the beauty of your skin tone while adding a healthy glow. These lightweight powders glide on easily, giving a very natural "lift" of color that brightens the eyes and the whole face.

L'Bri Finish Blush are available in a variety of natural-looking colors to compliment every skin tone.

Color Choices:

Honey Plum (cool)

Barely Plum (cool)

Soft Mauve (cool)

Petal (cool)

Naked Rose (neutral)

Tea Rose (neutral)

Soft Clay (neutral)

Rose Sand (neutral)

St. Tropez (Warm)

Peach Puff (Warm)

Hint of Red (Warm)

Come in a convenient "carry along" container.

Only $8.50

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

L'Bri Concealer Sticks

Concealer sticks are used to cover imperfections such as broken capillaries, blemishes and dark aging circles under the eyes. Concealer sticks can be applied over or under liquid foundation. Use under foundation for minimum coverage, over foundation for medium coverage, under and over foundation for maximum coverage.

There are four shade choices: Amber, Light Neutral, Medium Neutral, and Dark.

Amber - A medium beige with yellow undertones. Helps to conceal under-eye discoloration for light to medium skin tones that have a "blue" cast under the eye area. This “blue” cast can be caused by veins lying close to the surface of the skin, or because some people have thin facial skin and this can create a “blue” cast under the eye area. Works well as a cover-up to conceal the red in blemishes.

Light Neutral - A neutral light beige. Helps to conceal under-eye discoloration for light to medium skin tones. Can also be used for highlighting.

Medium Neutral - A medium neutral beige. Works well under the eye area to conceal under-eye discoloration for medium skin tones with no blue undertones.

Dark – A deeper beige for medium dark to dark skin tones. Can also be used for contouring.

How To Use
With your ring finger, pat on gently under eyes or other areas as needed. Apply in depth areas only.
Only $10.25

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L'Bri Perfect Finish Loose Powder

For all skin types. An oil-free, lightweight loose powder that sets
foundation and creates a sheer, flawless finish.

Loose Powder Benefits:
· Oil-free.
· Non-Comedogenic (will not clog pores).
· Looks sheer and natural - never heavy or mask-like.
· Allows skin to breathe.

How To Use
Sprinkle powder on puff and fold puff to distribute evenly. Using a firm roll/pat motion apply powder over entire face. Press lightly, do not rub. Remove excess powder with powder brush; by brushing upward then down, so fine facial hairs lie flat.

Available in Light or Dark
Only $14.00

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L'Bri Dual Action Powder Foundation

For all skin types. This incredibly versatile oil-free powder formulated with Aloe
and sunscreen leaves the skin looking flawless. Available in a variety of shades.

Look At These Benefits:
· Contains Aloe and a sunscreen.
· Oil-free.
· Is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).
· Protects the skin from exposure to sun, wind, pollution and drying agents.
· Contains no animal, vegetable or mineral oils.
· Leaves skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.
· The perfect solution for someone who does not want to wear a liquid foundation but still would like some coverage.
· Allows skin to breathe.

Liquid Foundation Colors That Complement Dual Action Colors
#1 liquid try 40, 41, or 28 dual action -- #2 liquid try 41 dual action -- #3 liquid try 31 or 32 dual action -- #4 liquid try 31 dual action -- #5 liquid try 34 dual action -- #35 dual action can also be used as a bronzing color for the summer months!

Just $18.25
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L’Bri Liquid Foundation

In addition to the new L'Bri logo, our liquid make-up base foundation is now paraben free.

Available in Oil Free & Perfect Finish Moisturizing Formulas.

At last, color that's good for your skin! We take makeup to new levels of performance by formulating our L'Bri liquid foundations with Aloe Barbadensis Miller as the first ingredient.

L’Bri’s lightweight, foundation provides a smooth, flawless finish that lasts all day. As the perfect companion to our skin care system, our makeup is formulated to promote your skin's health. Available in a variety of shades.

Benefits Oil Free Makeup:
· Bathes the skin in soothing Aloe, all day long.
· Contains no animal, vegetable or mineral oils.
· Contains Kaolin, and Lecithin to help control oily skin.
· Foundation stays in place, no more make-up “melt downs.”
· Protects the skin from exposure to sun, wind, pollution and drying
· Blends easily and evenly.
· Is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).
· Allows the skin to breathe.
· Color balanced; will not change color.
· Fragrance-free.
· Contains SPF #4.

Benefits Perfect Finish Moisturizing Makeup:
· Bathes the skin in soothing Aloe, all day long.
· Contains no animal, vegetable or mineral oils.
· Contains Vitamins A, E, and B5, which puts life back into dry skin.
· Protects the skin from exposure to sun, wind, pollution and drying agents.
· Blends easily and evenly.
· Is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).
· Allows the skin to breathe.
· Color balanced, will not change color.
· Fragrance-free.
· Contains SPF #4.

Only $16.50

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The Great Benefits of Aloe

Pure Aloe and Natural Ingredients

We unlocked the healing power of aloe vera to formulate skin care products that not only moisturize, but also repair damaged skin. Aloe vera contains 75 nutrients, 200 active compounds, 20 essential minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. Nicknamed the burn plant, aloe vera has been the subject of numerous scientific inquiries and has been used as a healing agent for thousands of years.

The benefits of aloe are well documented. But how does aloe vera work to heal and rejuvenate delicate skin tissue? Aloe slows the aging process in several ways. As an excellent cleansing and detoxifying agent, aloe removes dead skin cells, wastes, and toxins while purifying the pores. Researchers now know that aloe stimulates proteolytic enzyme action in skin tissue, enhancing the process of cell division. Specifically, fibroblast cells that manufacture collagen, needed to keep the skin firm, are produced six to eight times faster than normal cells. The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids found in aloe nourish and moisturize the skin. Aloe rejuvenates and rebuilds new healthy skin at an accelerated pace by using the same process that gives the youthful skin of children that fresh, healthy glow.

In addition, the nature of aloe as a succulent acts as a moisturizing agent, slowing evaporation and drawing moisture from the air. Aloe penetrates the outer skin surface, taking its healing power deep inside the skins tissue to stimulate cell revitalization.

L'Bri is so convinced of the healing power of aloe, that it is the first ingredient in all of L'Bri's skin care products. In fact, every L'Bri skin care product is formulated using the finest natural ingredients combined with the latest technological advances. As a result, L'Bri Pure n Natural products strike a perfect balance between nature and science.

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Choose from Skin Care Samples for:

* Blemished Skin
* Oily Skin
* Combination Skin
* Normal and Dry Skin
* Extra Dry Skin

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L'Bri's SuperAloe

Fast acting, multi function pain relief cream with multiple powerful pain fighting ingredients.


L'Bri's SuperAloe is a topical pain relieving cream that can be safely and easily used to provide immediate pain relief. Which symptoms do you want to relieve?

Arthritis Pain
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain
Hip Pain
Neck Pain
Muscle Sprains
Muscle Strains

SuperAloe's unique formulation contains multiple powerful pain fighting ingredients in an exclusive delivery system that enables the beneficial pain relieving ingredients to be delivered quickly and safely to where it hurts. SuperAloe is so effective; its pain relief performance is guaranteed.

Just $24.95 for Powerful Pain Relief
4 oz.