Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spend Less and Look and Live Better

Reducing monthly expenses are a surefire way to get a little more cash in the piggie bank. From food to water to electricity and skin care products there are countless things you can do to save money.

Do you really have to burn up your 'whole paycheck on skin care products and cosmetics?

Buying skin care can be a costly venture! Anyone who’s strolled through the aisles of a deptartment store or a boutique knows this.

It’s unfortunate that steep prices turn away many would-be healthy skin care users, who quickly come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to buy sustainable products on a budget.

I know this because I use to be one of those people. Until I discovered L'Bri Pure n' Natural Aloe Vera Skin Care. I knew the healing benefits of aloe vera as many other people knew, to treat sun burn, serious burns, cuts, wounds, infections.

But I never thought of the benefits of Aloe Vera in skin care. After more research I discovered some of the common uses of Aloe Vera in skin care include:

• Treating minor burns, rashers, abrasions and other wounds;
• Moisturising and rehydrating dry, cracked and damaged skin;
• Improving the texture and complexion of skin;
• Smoothing of wrinkles and stretch marks;
• Treating acne and other minor skin disorders; and
• As a hair wash to reduce dandruff and other scalp problems

Although this growing awareness of Aloe Vera’s healing properties has greatly increased the number of Aloe Vera products available, not all of these new products are as good as they seem.

Some contain such small amounts of Aloe Vera Gel that it has little or no value. Others use clever marketing tricks such as using the word Aloe as part of their brand name, despite having no Aloe Vera in the product.

How do you tell a good Aloe Vera product?

• Read the product label and ingredients section.
• All products must now list ingredients using Latin name. The Latin for Aloe Vera is Aloe Barbadensis.
• If Aloe barbadensis leaf gel, extract or juice is the first or second product on the ingredients list that means that there is a higher percentage of Aloe Vera in the product.
• Avoid products where Aloe Vera is not mentioned until much later in the ingredients list. This means the product has little Aloe Vera in it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What Are L'Bri's Active Ingredients (Agents)

Active Agents

Aloe vera: protects the skin, moisturizing and moisture-retentive capacities, skin firming, supports cutaneous circulation and healing, has slight protective properties against UV rays

Sea-weed: (algae): moisturizing, skin-smoothening, increasing suppleness of the epidermis, supports cutaneous circulation.

Allantoin: stimulates cell generation, makes the skin smooth and supple, acts anti-inflammatory and soothing, keratolytic, supports wound healing.

Panthenol: anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, stimulating cell generation, increasing the moisture retention capacity, reducing reddening, lending the skin a velvet-like, soft feeling.

Ginseng: revitalizing and improving the skin tonus, stimulating skin functions, supporting cutaneous circulation, preventing early skin ageing.

Hyaluronic acid: regulates the moisture balance, lends the skin elasticity and tonus, supports the natural protective skin functions.

Jojoba oil: protects the skin from drying, has a matt effect on the skin.

Chamomile: anti-inflammatory, supports wound-healing. soothing, anti-bacterial effects.
Evening primrose oil: rich In essential fatty acids (E.P.A.). increases the skin's elasticity, prevents wrinkling of skin.

Horse-tall (Equisetum): skin firming, strengthens the connective tissue, and retains the skin's elasticity, supports the skin's protective functions.

Silk proteins: protect the skin from desiccation and lend a pleasant, smooth skin feeling.
Soybean proteins: counter-effect skin desiccation, improve skin structure

Vitamin A: optimizes function of skin cells, counter-effects excess hornification, smoothens and softens the skin, stimulates cell regeneration.

Provitamin A (Beta Carotene): protects the skin against free radicals.

Vitamin E: stimulates cell regeneration, increases moisture retention capacity of the skin, protects It against free radicals, prevents early skin ageing, improves the skin relief, anti-inflammatory, supports cutaneous circulation.

Vitamin C: supports cell metabolism, soothing, normalizing, balancing effects, prevents early skin ageing, strengthens capillary blood vessels.

Wheat germ extracts: vitalizing effect, prevent formation of free radicals, strengthen the skin's immunologic system.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

NEW Elegant and Sophisticated EyeShadow Colors

We are excited to introduce four new eye shadow shades to our collection.

SMOKED PLUM – a medium mauve with soft shimmery bronze undertones.

FLAX - a golden apricot shade with a hint of shimmer.

EUCALYPTUS - a beautiful pine green with soft charcoal undertones and a hint of shimmer.

HEATHER AND ICE - a medium true purple shade that anyone can wear.

L'Bri Aloe Eye Repair Gel


Everyone has always loved the results they have gained from using L'Bri's Smooth n' Firm Eye Repair Gel and now we've added even more hard-hitting anti-aging ingredients to keep wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness away!

Nothing has been removed from our original formula, instead, we’ve added an essential boost of powerful ingredients to make our product even more effective than ever!

Our new and improved clinically proven, formula contains an intensive anti-aging tetrapeptide which dramatically reduces puffy eyes and enhances skin elasticity and skin smoothness. This incredibly powerful peptide works alongside a team of age-fighting counterparts to deliver significant results.

In addition, we have added our own “one of a kind” active botanical complex. This propriety blend reduces dark circles and wrinkles, improves micro-circulation, and strengthening the skin’s collagen and elastin while reducing the presence of free radicals. A flawless and unique “bottom-up” strategy for speedy repair. And the best part of all? Even with these significant additions, the appearance of the product, amount and cost has remained the same. The only thing you will notice is the results you will see and feel.

We are certain our improved Smooth n' Firm Eye Repair Serum will give you everything you'll ever need in an eye repair gel.

Night Repair Serum

(available in the next few weeks)

In one of the most exciting new product introductions in years, Linda told the convention audience that L’Bri is breaking new ground in the perfection of natural anti-aging solutions for today’s woman.

Continuing to address the needs of an aging population, Linda introduced the anti-aging formula that naturally restores the glow of youth – L’Bri’s High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment.

According to Linda, “After years of research and development, we have perfected an incredible new anti-aging product packed with anti-oxidants that truly turns back the hands of time.”

L'Bri's High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment is a powerful antioxidant product that’s packed with an abundance of age-defying ingredients. Aloe is the first ingredient. In addition, High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment contains vitamin E, green tea leaf extract, vitamin C, and a high ORAC fruit blend of wild blueberries, grapefruit, grape seeds, raspberries, raspberry seeds, cranberries, prunes, cherries, wild bilberries and strawberries.

Anti-aging peptides palmitoyl-oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 are included in the product.

Night Repair is used at night in place of the daily moisturizer and is applied over any of L’Bri’s other serums such as Dermaplex A, Time Erase, and Maxifirm.

L'Bri's New High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment is the perfect solution.” 2 oz. for only $52.


Look At The "NEWEST" Items From L'Bri

New FabuLash Eye Lash Growth Serum!

Do you want flirty, sexy, full lashes is one of the hottest looks happening today. Now every woman can have fuller, longer, thicker, "Fabulous" lashes with our new FabuLash Eyelash Growth Serum.Similar products are selling anywhere from a minimum of $75.00 to the majority of them selling between $100 and $140 dollars.

We are proud that we are able to bring FabuLash to you for only $64.00! That's almost half the price of many of the competitions.

The exciting news is that FabuLash is the only safe eyelash growth serum that has succeeded in using Aloe as the first ingredient and that does not contain prostaglandin a drug used in the treatment of glaucoma which can cause darkening on the eye lid and actual change of eye color along with other potential side effects. It is also free of any harmful preservatives including parabens.

FabuLash contains recently discovered proprietary peptides when combined with other essential factors produces amazing eyelash and brow enhancement. FabuLash also contains a special nutrient blend to help condition brittle lashes and eye brows.

This tube will last you 5 to 6 months!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

L'Bri Premium Lip Gloss

Let your lips shine bright, day and night. Wear alone for a soft, wet look or
over lipstick for a glamorous effect.

L'Bri Lip Gloss Benefits:
· Gives your lips a soft, sensuous look.
· Contains emollients, to keep lips smooth and moist.
· Available in 6 color shades and one clear gloss.

L'Bri Gentle Lip Color

Lip color is the final touch to a perfect looking makeup. Lip color adds life to your smile, brightens your face, and balances the total look. L'Bri lip colors are rich in emollients and moisturizers to protect lips while adding a soft sensuous shine.

Available in a 25 wide range of shades to complement your coloring and give you a polished finish.

· Provides beautiful color, with maximum lasting power.
· Helps soothe and heal chapped lips.
· Contains emollients, to keep lips smooth and moist.
· Will not make lips peel.
· Wide range of shades to compliment all skin tones.

Pink Snow (Cool) Plush Red (Cool) Raspberry Malt (Cool) Soft Mauve (Cool)

Sugar Plum (Cool) Wisteria (Cool) Amethyst (Cool) Amaretto (Cool)

Berry Berry (Cool) Cool Mauve (Cool) Desert Rose (Cool) Heather (Cool)

Honeysuckle (Cool) Sparkling Pink (Cool)

Caramel (Warm) Chesnut (Warm) Iced Coffee (Warm) Oriole (Warm)

Red Glo (Warm) Sesame (Warm) Curry (Warm)

Do Kiss (Neutral) Tea Rose (Neutral) Pale Pansy (Neutral) Pomegranate (Neutral)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

L'Bri Lipliner Pencils

L'Bri's super-smooth pencils help define the shape of the mouth and prevent
lipsticks from feathering. Shades are coordinated to complement all lipsticks.

Be sure to select a lip liner that harmonizes with the lip color you wear.

· Prevents lip color from bleeding into fine lines around the mouth area.
· Defines natural lip line. Subtly corrects shape of lips.
· Beautiful shades blend with your complete lip color wardrobe.
· Creamy formula makes application easy.

For long-lasting lip color, fill in the entire lip with pencil.
Then apply lip color


Allure - Trixie - Nude - Cherrywood - Irresistible - Solar - Chocolate - Tapestry

L'Bri Brow Pencils

L'Bri eyebrow pencils allow you to create natural looking brows.

This easy to apply, easy to blend formulation effortlessly gives you the look you want.

· Formula is easy to apply and blend.
· A brow brush is included on the pencil lid, which helps with blending.
· Available in blonde and smoke.


L'Bri Eyeliner Pencils

L'Bri pencils are creamy and glide on easily.

You will make a dramatic touch of eye-opening color next to your lashes.

Eyeliner pencils define the eye and makes lashes look thicker. Will not pull the delicate skin around the eye area.

· Creamy, smooth application that is easy to blend.
· Creates a fine line or can be smudged to a smoky finish.

Only $8.25

Colors: Absolute Black - Absolute Brown - Evergreen - Smoke - White

L'Bri Brow Compact

Eyebrows are the face's exclamation points. The best brows are natural looking and accentuate the eyes like a picture frame.

A well-groomed, well-defined brow can be extremely flattering and addconsiderable strength to a woman's eyes.

Brush on Brow powder is available in four natural looking shades.

Combining two or more shades creates a more natural look.

· Easy to use with slant-edge angle brush.
· Four natural-looking shades blend with hair coloring.
· Stays on all day.
· Shapes and corrects eyebrows.

Colors: Blonde - Ash - Soft Smoke - Auburn